Hospitality Textiles

Our hospitality fabrics are perfect for use in hotels, condos, B&B’s, and any other guest setting. They meet or exceed required codes, and their beauty and cleanability lend themselves toward a multitude of purposes with elegance and durability.

Bonfire Series (4 patterns)

A collection of color schemes inspired from a good ole down to earth camping and bonfire scene.

Patterns: Bacon and Eggs, Smoke, Smokey Sunset, Smores

Cornerstones (12 patterns)

Patterns: Amelia Island, American Modern, Aspen Leaves, Botanica, Coulant, Manhattan, New Elise, Ravinia, Renaissance Swirl, Retrospective, Stellar, Vander Trellis

Driftwood Shells (3 patterns)

Patterns: Appletini, Banana Daquiri, Tequila Sunrise

Dyed Goods (9 patterns)

Patterns: Bangkok, Classique, Crash Linen, Diamond Dobby, Festival, Heather Glen, Pebbles, Rialto, Satin Stripe

Evolutionary (8 patterns)

Patterns: Amira, At Ease, Flashpoint, Innovations, Letting Go, Myriad, Penpal, Spindleberry

Horizon (9 patterns)

Patterns: French Curve, Gen X, Jumble Aya, Medici, Nautical Adventures, Rhapsody, Tempo Fans, Tropical Breeze, Tuscan Vinyards

Multi-Purpose Fabrics (4 patterns)

All the fabrics in this line are rated at 50,000ABR (Double Rubs) and are offered in a variety of rich colors. This line contains four different textures that have a nice hand, which is perfect for upholstery.

Patterns: Chesterfield, Micro Velour, Moleskin, Rustic Chenille

Moleskin Copper

Nite-Time (4 patterns)

Patterns: Eclipse Plus, Silkara, Silverado, Starry Nite

Petite Ensemble (17 patterns)

Patterns: Agostini, Alvaro, Amelia Vines, Bamboo, Bocci, Dot Chic, Hombre Weave, Mini Boxes, Mini Me, Nebula, Rastini, Retro Cool, Savannah Houndstooth, Sputnik, Vermicelli, Versailles, Wessex

Quilted Top of Bed (4 patterns)

quilted textiles for the top of the bed.

Patterns: Blocks, Bricks, Half Inch Cube PFPNFR, Quarter inch Quilted Top of the Bed

Sheer (26 patterns)

Patterns: Athens, Athens Textured Slub, Delicata, Glint, Glisten, Heather Stripe, Linen Textured Voile, Lintext, Madison Avenue, New Palm, Ombre Sheers, Prism, Random Pin Stripe, Serenity Voile, Snow Voile, Snow Voile Box, Tamarind, Turkish Taffy, Vertiglo, Voile #5000, Voile 1/4" Box, Voile 3/4" Box, Volare Stripe, Wall Street, Whisper, Window Pane

Glint Sheer
Linen Textured Voile

Simply Stripes (15 patterns)

Patterns: 2" Stripe, 3" Stripe, 3/4" Stripe, Barclay, Bristol Stripe, Charlies Pinstripe, Classic Stripe, Diamond Stripe, Jefferson Stripe, Olivia Stripe, Saddle Stripe, Seneca Stripe, Sequoia Stripe, Veneta Stripe, Wavy Stripe

aqua and white
Sage theme stripe
Spanish galleon
Wheat Field Saddle Stripe
Wine and Vine
Stripes mint

Soft Velvet (one pattern)

Velvet is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive soft feel.

Patterns: Velvet

Texture Fest (5 patterns)

A collection of our new line of Textured Textiles. Flame Resistant and 3 Pass Black Out fabric available.

Patterns: Crackle, Cross Hatch, Modern Chevron, Old Flame, Reptilian

The Facades Collection TM (12 patterns)

A series of prints derived from the world around us.

Patterns: Greenery, Ikat Series, Marco Floral, Metals Series, Rustic Woods Series, Sweetheart Collection, The Black and White Series, The Fall Series, The Micro Series, The Serengeti Series, The Shoreline Series, The Stone Collection

stacked Stone

Upholstery (12 patterns)

Patterns: Bellevue, Bridgeport, Chenille, Diamond Weave, Elipsis, Matchstick, Santa Fe, Sedona, Seltzer, Sequoia, Sophisticate, Vinyl