How to Use Colors & Patterns to Evoke Positive Human Emotions

December 21, 2016

Depending on which colors and patterns you use in your décor, you could be making people feel relaxed, happy, uncomfortable, or depressed without even realizing it. There’s a certain psychology behind colors and patterns, which is why hospitality businesses put so much thought and effort into making the right choices for marketing and branding.

In this article, we discuss the psychological properties of colors and patterns and how you can harness their power to benefit your business and your clients.

Emotions that Colors Invoke

Not only do individual colors make people feel certain ways, but the vibrancy and shades of those colors matter too. It’s hard to say that a certain color is always perceived as strictly positive or negative since each color takes on different roles when paired with patterns and is featured in different levels of brightness.

For example, the color red can be perceived as both aggressive and passionate, while orange is perceived as both energetic and inexpensive. Yellow, which is typically associated with happiness and friendliness can also be perceived as a warning, as exemplified in road signs. Overall, these are all warm colors that typically invoke ideas of optimism and energy.

Meanwhile, green typically makes the mind think of either nature or money, and purple sends signals to the brain that something is either mysterious or luxurious. Blue is one of the most common colors used in the hospitality industry because of its calming, serene, and trustworthy effects. These are all cool colors that are associated with invoking emotions of sadness, beauty, and serenity.

Emotions that Pattern Invoke

Nature has calming effects, so some of the most positive patterns involve peaceful outdoor scenes with flora and fauna. However, very busy designs with lots of activity can make people feel stressed out or overwhelmed. Predictable and repetitive patterns are often more comforting to the mind that abstract or inconsistent ones.

How Hospitals Can Use Fabric Designs to Benefit Clients

As a hospital, clinic, doctor’s office, or any type of hospitality business, you can use colors and fabrics to the advantage of your business and for the benefit of your patients and clients. It is common for medical patients to be nervous, stressed, and in pain when they visit the office, so it’s important to choose colors and patterns that are calming, reassuring, and soothing.

Typically, the best colors for medical to use are cool colors because they make the brain think of health, security, and calmness. Bright versions of warm colors like red, yellow, and orange may be too overwhelming for this type of professional setting. It’s also recommended to choose simple patterns rather than overly busy ones to help put patients’ minds at ease. For example, a simple nature pattern with blue and green colors may work very well in a medical environment.

Hospitality Textiles at Commercial Fabric Companies

Commercial fabric companies like NE Textiles specialize in healthcare and hospitality textiles with printed, dyed, and flame retardant fabrics as well as custom-created and printed designs. With these color and pattern recommendations in mind, browse our healthcare collection to learn about our base cloth, cornerstone, dyed goods, nite-time, and sheer offerings. Here you’ll find natural patterns with leaves and flowers and soothing colors like turquoise and beige in a variety of fabric types to meet your office’s needs and welcome patients with comfort and style.

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