Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce Awards 2017
May 2, 2017 Trudy is the only daughter of Truett and Jeannette Cathy, and like her father, she is a beloved leader, communicator, and entrepreneur. Her favorite roles, however, are that of... Click to read more
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What to Do About The Environmental Risks of Textile Waste
April 19, 2017 Last month on our blog, we discussed eco-friendly solvent printing methods and how custom printed textiles can be a more sustainable alternative. This is an especially timely topic because... Click to read more
At NE Textiles, we do all of our custom fabric printing for banners and signs with a solvent-free printing method
Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Custom Printing With PVC Vinyl
March 21, 2017 Banners and signs help get the word out about businesses, fundraisers, and special events. They help us build brand recognition, find important locations, and share key information. However, the... Click to read more
Custom Printed Fabrics are Worth the Investment
February 23, 2017 More companies, teams, and individuals have become interested in custom printed fabric to establish brand identity, stand out from the competition, and create something truly beautiful. Meanwhile, interior designers... Click to read more
At NE Textiles, we offer an extensive line of flame retardant fabrics for the contract, hospitality, and healthcare industries
Flame Retardant Fabrics: Regulations, Specifications & Safety Tips
January 25, 2017 When most people step foot in your business, they notice the colors, patterns, and designs of the fabrics you have chosen. The last thing they would think about is... Click to read more
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How to Use Colors & Patterns to Evoke Positive Human Emotions
December 21, 2016 Depending on which colors and patterns you use in your décor, you could be making people feel relaxed, happy, uncomfortable, or depressed without even realizing it. There’s a certain... Click to read more
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How to Get Your Guests in the Holiday Spirit with Fun & Festive Décor
November 29, 2016 The most magical time of the year is finally here, and people are traveling from far and wide to celebrate with loved ones and take advantage of a few... Click to read more
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How to Incorporate Your Company’s Colors into Office Interior Design
October 28, 2016 The colors that you choose for your company logo, signage, and promotional materials make a bold statement about your brand and express a message about your products and services.... Click to read more
How Fall-Themed Custom Fabrics Can Welcome the Season to Your Space
September 24, 2016 Now that the hot and muggy days of summer are behind us, everyone’s starting to embrace the warmth, comfort, and nostalgia of the fall season. To celebrate the natural... Click to read more